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Triple Heater Bracelet-Bridle Charm Set

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This set was handmade with intention to help with the triple heater meridian.

The triple heater is responsible for balance and harmony. It’s main purpose to regulate temperature and energy between the three burners.

When the triple heater is out of balance it will show up at a horse blowing hot or cold. They will either be too firey or dead to the aids. Their moods tend to fluctuate easily and you never know what you’re going to get from one minute to the next.

Fire Agate - This stone is known to help build a protective shield around the body. As it's name suggests it helps connect and fire up our base chakra. Physically it is said to help heal the stomach, nervous system, and circulatory disorders. It is very useful at bringing the body back into balance and preventing energy burn out. It clears etheric blocks and energizes one's aura.

Black Tourmaline - This is a great stone of protection. It clears negative thoughts and invites in positivity, no matter the circumstances. Carrying black tourmaline helps clear imbalance even if someone else is giving off bad vibes. It also helps release any negative thoughts, anxieties, or feelings of unworthiness.