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What are Equine Energetic Body Scans?

What Can You Expect?

This energy reading focuses on the physical body. Your horse will receive a remote energy healing to clear any energetic blocks they may be experiencing. You will be able to dive deeper into your horse's spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being through personalized suggestions for your horse that may encompass massage techniques, supplementation recommendations, and exercises. All of this will be covered in your call and you'll be able to ask any other questions regarding your horse to gain clarity around their needs and the best way to support them moving forward.

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Do I need to physically be with my horse during our call?

No, you don't have to be with your horse physically.

How often should I get an Equine Energetic Body Scan done on my horse?

This depends on the horse, but think of it like you would a bodywork session. Consistency is key. I recommend if your horse is going through a lot of changes to schedule a session every 6-8 weeks. Otherwise, quarterly check ins are a perfect way to touch base with your horse's changing needs.

How are the Equine Energetic Body Scans different from the Equine Soul Connection Sets?

The Equine Energetic Body Scans focus on the horse's body; spiritually, physically, and emotionally in the current moment in time. This is great for someone who isn't local but always wanted a bodywork session or someone who is having issues finding the root cause of what's going on with their horse. The Equine Soul Connection Sets focus on the relationship you share with your horse and the soul contract you share. The Equine Soul Connection Sets come with a write up and a personalized crystal set, whereas the Equine Energetic Body Scans have a phone call where we get to talk and communicate so you can ask more questions.

Customer Reviews

  • If you're looking to see beyond what can be seen by our eyes and connect with your horse on another level, this is it.

    I cannot recommend he Equine Energetic Body Scan enough. Beyond the physical body, Molly was able to clear stuck energetics and check in emotionally. Knowing my horse is ok emotionally, gives me so much relief while we continue to help her find a home in her body. This is a secret you want in your tool box. Molly will now be a regular part of our healthcare team.

    - Christa M.
  • Molly seamlessly bridges the gap between science, sport, and intuitive work.

    As horse owners and riders we are often told to "listen to your horse" but deciphering the ques, taking the right actions and translating it all into a competition setting is constantly confusing. Working with Molly provides clarity and balances the mind, body, spirit connection for my horse. I feel more confident in how I progress my young horse and the partnership we are building after working with Molly. Molly is a key player to add to your horse's team of trainers, vets, and farriers.

    - Kylie F.