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About Spirit Horse Collective

About Intuitive Bodywork

  • Massage
  • Energy Work
  • Accupressure
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Essential Oils
  • Crystals

The Difference Between Intuitive Energy Healing and Reiki

Not all energy healing modalities are created equally. Often times they collectively get put under the Reiki umbrella, but Intuitive Energy Healing is an incredibly difference practice.

Reiki connects to higher realms and also works in them. There is a set protocol a practitioner must follow and it focuses on allowing energy to flow where it's needed. This leaves you and your horse on a bit of a high, only to come down after a few days. Since the energy is focused so high up it doesn't ground and you end up repeating the same patterns and needing the same sessions over again.

Intuitive Energy Healing is a very focused, grounded practice. The practitioner is connected to the Earth, Source, and Guides. Hands and movements are intuitively guided to facilitate healing with the goal of working through deeper energetic layers to connect all bodies. This means your horse will leave the session feeling more in their body and each following session helps them further progress so they aren't stuck in the same patterns.

Don't live in California?

In an effort to help horses no matter their location, we practice and use Equine Energetic Body Scans. This unique energetic reading allows me to see imbalances in your horse spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Together, we will go over the findings with recommendations of how to best move forward to help support your equine partner. You'll be amazed about what we uncover and your own innate healing capabilities.

Learn More About Equine Energetic Body Scans

Customer Reviews

  • Horses seem to gravitate towards her and have an unspoken bond of trust knowing she is there to help.

    Words cannot express my gratitude for Molly. She has helped to transform my horse. After an extensive layup and months of stall rest, Molly began doing bodywork to relieve his muscular strains and prepare him to restart under saddle. Molly is incredibly intuitive to the needs of her equine clients.

    - Nicole N.
  • As a professional rider I’m always looking for ways to enhance my horse’s performance but also their quality of life.

    Molly is a gifted practitioner. She is incredibly intuitive, connecting with horses not only physically but on many deeper levels to find the root causes of their pain and help them to heal. My horses love having her work on them and I can feel the benefits in many ways apart from their physical performance.

    - Danie S.