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If you have any questions or would like to inquire about scheduling a bodywork session, please fill out our form below.

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How fast do custom orders ship?

Customs talisman jewelry orders typically ship within a week, but please allow up to two weeks processing time.

How do I order an energy reading?

Select your desired reading from our "energy reading" page, add to cart, and checkout!

On our product page for your chosen energy reading you'll find a quick google form in the description that you'll need to fill out in order for us to complete your order.

How do I care for my jewelry?

I see you horse girl and I know how hard we can be on our jewelry. In order to keep your jewelry in pristine condition, take it off before you shower and make sure you are mindful and not getting it soaking wet when you hose your horse off. For beaded bracelets a damp rag works wonders to gently clean off dirt and for all sterling silver jewelry I recommend a polishing cloth.

Do crystals really work?

Since gemstones are naturally occurring they carry specific vibrations based on the unique way that atoms and molecules interact with a particular crystal formation. They have been used for centuries in both powerful healing and intention setting. My mission is to bring these ancient techniques back to our modern equestrian world. By having these ethically-sourced crystals in your immediate energy field you can change your vibration while using them to serve as a powerful reminder of your intention. In turn our minds will shift to manifest the outcome we truly desire.