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Small Intestine Essential Oil Roll-On

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Small Intestine essential oil roll-on made for horse and human was created with intention to help with the small intestine. This blend can be used for aromatherapy for your horse by offering it to him to smell. Then it can be applied to your own skin using the easy to use roll-on. 

The small intestine is responsible for getting rid of unnecessary components of food substance, extracting the pure fluid from impure and then passing it along to the large intestine. The small intestine is considered the separator.

If the small intestine is out of balance, it usually will show up through indecision and lack of discernment. Physically it shows up through arthritis, swelling, and problems that show up along the Small Intestine meridian. This line runs through the foreleg, elbow, shoulder and neck of the horse. 

Made with Thyme & Bergamont Essential Oils:

Thyme - is said to help with circulatory stagnation, edema, digestive issues, and arthritis. 

Bergamont  - helps with depression, mood swings, and releases pent-up emotions. Physically it is said to stimulate appetite, boost immune system, and act as an antifungal and antimicrobial. 

Infused with Peridot Crystals:

Peridot - A stone that is a powerful cleanser, peridot is said to release and neutralize toxins on all levels. It releases negative patterns and old vibrations that no longer sere us. On an emotional level it helps us release resentment, spite, anger, and reduces stress. 

These statements are not evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any type of disease or health issue. Please note it is not recommended to topically apply these oils on your horse. They are intended for aromatherapy use for the animal only.