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Seasonal Equine Energetic Body Scans

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All the great benefits of our Equine Energetic Body Scans but in alignment with the seasons. Your horse will receive a check in the week of:

  • The Spring Equinox
  • The Summer Solstice
  • The Fall Equinox
  • The Winter Solstice

I've found that horse's needs both physically and energetically correlate with the changing seasons and in alignment with the biggest astrological events of the year. Booking this year service will give you access to four Equine Energetic Body Scans at the most opportune times of the year, not to mention a discount on our services!

All Seasonal Equine Energetic Body Scan clients will also receive an exclusive code for discounts on all Spirit Horse Collective products to help assist them throughout the year. 

*This service must be used on the same horse throughout the year*

Dive into your horse's spiritual, emotional, and physical energetic bodies.

Molly intuitively connects to her gifts to help shine light on areas of your horse that you might not be seeing. Through muscle testing and other modalities we can connect to their bodies energetically to find imbalances.

What to expect: 

  • Chakra rebalancing done remotely to help clear any blockages.
  • A look into your horse's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Personalized suggestions for what you can do to help your horse, through massage techniques, supplementation, and exercises. 
  • Clarity surrounding your horse's needs and steps to help you move forward.


Once you purchase your session:

  • Please fill out a basic intake form for your horse, you can find it here
  • Once you fill out the intake form you will be e-mailed a Release Form
  • We will then connect to schedule your call to go over the findings. You do not need to be physically present with your horse for the call.

These readings do not diagnose, treat, or replace Veterinarian care and are for educational purposes only.