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Root Chakra Bracelet-Bridle Charm Set

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This set was created with intention to help you ground and connect to your root chakra.

The root chakra is associated with survival and security. It's about our tribe and connection to our instinct.

Physical Associations: physical structure, legs, bones, immune system, overall health, grounding and survival instincts. 

Emotional Associations: herd dynamics, security, protection

Energy Block Cues:  arthritis, weaving, chronic worry/stress, herd bound

This set was made with Garnet & Hematite crystals to help you and your horse to connect to your root chakra to rebalance:

Garnet This stone helps revitalize, balance, and purify our energy. It helps strengthen our survival instinct, while keeping us grounded in the current moment. 

Hematite - This stone is incredibly effective of not only grounding us, but protecting us. It helps harmonize our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies bringing us back into balance. Additionally, it helps give confidence and willpower to situations and is particularly helpful when we are trying to overcome bad habits.