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Pericardium Bracelet-Bridle Charm Set

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This set was handmade with intention to help with pericardium meridian.

The Pericardium is a physical muscle that surrounds the Heart in order to protect it both physically and emotionally. It's particularly important because the Pericardium absorbs traumatic and emotional events that affect our body. Physically, the Pericardium is also responsible for circulating blood throughout the body. 

When the Pericardium is out of balance, it can often manifest as apprehension, feeling manic or flighty, or sadness in our emotional body. 

Black Tourmaline - This is a great stone of protection. It clears negative thoughts and invites in positivity, no matter the circumstances. Carrying black tourmaline helps clear imbalance even if someone else is giving off bad vibes. It also helps release any negative thoughts, anxieties, or feelings of unworthiness.

Green Aventurine - This stone is a stone of heart healing and comfort. Besides being to emotionally calm us, Green Aventurine also harmonizes and protects the heart.