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Liver Bracelet-Bridle Charm Set

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This set was handmade with intention to help with the liver meridian.

If the liver is out of balance, it usually will show up through anger, for no explainable reason. They aren typically hot-headed, frustrate easily, and may also be awkward/stumble in motion. 

The liver is essential to distributing all our resources and assuring harmony of chi and blood throughout the body. It is responsible for releasing hormones, clot our blood, and aiding in the digestive fluid to breakdown food and nutrients. 

Bloodstone - A powerful healing stone and blood cleanser, Bloodstone is said to help ground and protect us. Mentally, it helps us calm the mind and revitalize us when we are exhausted. It reduces irritability, aggression, and also impatience. On a physical standpoint it said to help aid in purifying blood, detoxing the liver, and supports the blood in removing toxins. 

Red Jasper - Known as a "worry bead" it is used to help calm the emotion and stimulate the base chakras. This leaves us feeling more stabilized and grounded. It also aids in setting boundaries and detoxifying the circulatory system.