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Kidney Essential Oil Roll-On

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Kidney essential oil roll-on made for horse and human was created with intention to help with the kidney. This blend can be used for aromatherapy for your horse by offering it to him to smell. Then it can be applied to your own skin using the easy to use roll-on. 

The kidney is responsible for cleansing out all impurities of the body. It is also where we energetically store our physical and mental energy. It is a great indicator of physical strength.

If the kidney is out of balance, it usually will show up through fear, spooking, shying away from things. Especially if your horse is spooking in situations that are not typically problematic. 

Made with Atlas Cedarwood & Juniper Essential Oils:

Atlas Cedarwood - helps strengthens, calm, rejuvenates, and acts as a kidney tonic. It also helps with fear, tension, aggression, and anger. 

Juniper - helps detoxify and stimulate kidney function. It also helps relieve stress, worry, and aids with concentration.

Infused with Hematite Crystals:

Hematite - A powerful grounding stone, Hematite protects the soul and brings us back into our bodies. It helps us be less timid, boosts our self esteem, and brings about confidence. Physically, hematite is said to support the kidneys in cleansing blood and regenerating tissues.

These statements are not evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any type of disease or health issue. Please note it is not recommended to topically apply these oils on your horse. They are intended for aromatherapy use for the animal only.