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Bladder Essential Oil Roll-On

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Bladder essential oil roll-on made for horse and human was created with intention to help with the bladder. This blend can be used for aromatherapy for your horse by offering it to him to smell. Then it can be applied to your own skin using the easy to use roll-on. 

The bladder is responsible for the storage of water and is also responsible for disposing of any impurities.  

If the bladder is out of balance, it usually will show up through dry skin or water retention throughout the body. The bladder meridian is the longest meridian so when it is blocked it can also show up through muscle strains, lower back issues, or hock problems. Emotionally it will show up as fear, shame, or guilt. 

Made with Jasmine & Sweet Marjoram Essential Oils:

Jasmine - this scent is deeply relaxing and calming. It is said to help with depression, fear, lack of confidence, and nervous exhaustion. 

Sweet Marjoram - helps relax and balance. It also aids in soothing digestion, muscle spasms/strains, and arthritis. Emotionally it helps with restlessness, tension, insecurity, and emotional exhaustion. 

Infused with Citrine Crystals:

Citrine - A stone of abundance it helps teach us how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, and success. Citrine is a happy stone and embodies energies of the Sun. It helps us have a positive outlook on life, go with the flow, and look forward optimistically to the future. On a physical level, citrine helps stimulate digestion and helps detoxify the blood. It also is said to negate infections in the kidney and bladder. 

These statements are not evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any type of disease or health issue. Please note it is not recommended to topically apply these oils on your horse. They are intended for aromatherapy use for the animal only.