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Unity Ring

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This beautiful ring is made with sterling silver and plated with 14k gold. The middle sunstone represents the Sun, with Moonstone in the moon. 

This design is a powerful symbol of protection and unity. The Moon being set inside the Sun helps shield our emotional bodies to the outer world around us. This in turn helps is stay centered, grounded, and protected. Every element of this design was made with intention from the mixing of metals to the symbolism of the sun and moon. Gold represents the masculine side of our energy, while silver represents our feminine side. These two put together help bring in harmony and balance. Just as the sun (sunstone) and moon (moonstone) serve as a reminder that there is no light without darkness and there is great power that can occur when we learn how to balance our energies from within.

Sunstone- This stone brings in rich and positive energies and washes away any sense of unworthiness. Sunstone harbors all the emotions of the sun is connected to our male energy. 

Moonstone - One of the most powerful stones to connect to your intuition and is connected to the divine feminine energy. Moonstone is a stone of good fortune, promotes inspiration, and helps bring success. 

*Please note that each stone is intuitively selected for its wearer. That means they are custom made specifically for you. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.*