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Lung Bracelet-Bridle Set

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This set was handmade with intention to help with the lung meridian.

The Lung is in charge of our breathing, but also our intake of oxygen that unlocks the nutrients and fuel our bodies need. The lungs are also closely tied with the skin, which is our bodies first line of defense against external forces.

When the lung is out of balance it often shows up as grief or prolonged sadness. It also can show up as dry skin, bumps, or patchy areas. Another obvious imbalance is any conditions that affect the upper respiratory tract, such as heaves.

Lapis Lazuli - This stone helps balance the throat chakra and helps bring in serenity to attain spiritual enlightenment. It also helps harmonize the spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies to help alleviate feelings of depression and lack of purpose. It also helps us with self expression and bringing the truth to light. 

Quartz - This stone is a great amplifier. It absorbs and can also release energy. It is a great stone to regulate and unblock energy.