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Canine Soul Connection Set

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Connect with Molly for your very own special custom bracelet and dog collar charm set to deepen you and your dog's partnership. These sets are so powerful is because they create an energetic cord from you to your dog.

Soul Connection Sets are made with intention to help shed light on your dog's past, present, and future energy. These energy readings focus on your soul tie connection to your dog. It will shine light on the reason you two were brought together and what they are here to teach you. Every energy reading will receive a unique write up along with a gemstone bracelet and dog collar charm specifically chosen to help with you and your dog's current energetic needs. 

Gemstones are naturally occurring. They carry specific vibrations based on the unique way that atoms and molecules interact with a particular crystal formation. They have been used for centuries in both powerful healing and intention setting. My mission is to bring these ancient techniques back to our modern equestrian world. By having these ethically-sourced crystals in your immediate energy field you can change your vibration while using them to serve as a powerful reminder of your intention. In turn our minds will shift to manifest the outcome we truly desire.

Since my energy work is done through frequencies, all readings are created remotely. Only a picture and name are needed to connect.

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Please note there are no refunds, exchanges, or returns on custom items. They are created specifically for you.